Der er udarbejdet tre videnskabelige rapporter, der påviser de fordele den håndfri krykke har, over den konventionelle krykke.

International Journal of Rehabilitation Research
Rohit Rambani, Muhammad Saleem Shadid, og Surinder Goyal

“The HFC was associated with a better overall musculoskeletal functional assessment score (P<0.05), better coping, a trend towards better lower extremity function,and with performing activities around the house. The HFC was well accepted, safe, and easy to use. A clear trend for better function with the HFC was seen….>>

Læs mere: International Journal of Rehabilitation Research

Amik Nagpurkar og Adam Troelier
Clinical Biomechanics, University of Guelph

“…the (conventional) crutch demonstrated the hightest energy inefficiency”…>>

Læs mere: Evaluation of crutch energetics

A Dalton, D.Maxwell, C.M. Borkhoff, H.J. Kreder
University of Toronto, Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Centre

“The HFC was associated with a better overall MFA score, better coping, and a trend toward better lower extremity function and activities around the house …” >>

Læs mere: Clinical evaluation comparing standard crutches