Et bedre alternativ

Der er udarbejdet tre videnskabelige rapporter, der på-viser de fordelene den håndfri krykke har, over den konventionelle krykke.

International Journal of Rehabilitation Research
Rohit Rambani, Muhammad Saleem Shadid, og Surinder Goyal

“The HFC was associated with a better overall musculoskeletal functional assessment score (P<0.05), better coping, a trend towards better lower extremity function,and with performing activities around the house. The HFC was well accepted, safe, and easy to use. A clear trend for better function with the HFC was seen….>>

Læs mere: International Journal of Rehabilitation Research

Amik Nagpurkar og Adam Troelier
Clinical Biomechanics, University of Guelph

“…the (conventional) crutch demonstrated the hightest energy inefficiency”…>>

Læs mere: Evaluation of crutch energetics

A Dalton, D.Maxwell, C.M. Borkhoff, H.J. Kreder
University of Toronto, Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Centre

“The HFC was associated with a better overall MFA score, better coping, and a trend toward better lower extremity function and activities around the house …” >>

Læs mere: Clinical evaluation comparing standard crutches